Club Organization

The TU Investment Club is organized into six departments which are either of organizational or investment background. All Members should participate in at least one department. The organizational departments which include Education, Community, Infrastructure, External Affairs and Member Development are responsible for supportive and administrative tasks and are thus necessary for the successful existence of the TU Investment Club. Activities of the Investing department take place in cooperation with our real money fund, the MSMIF.


The Education Department aims to strengthen and extend the knowledge base of the club’s members. Therefore, responsibilities include knowledge management, internal education, the analyst program and the advanced analyst program.


The Community Department manages the recruiting process and is responsible for the internal networking of TU Investment Club members. Moreover, this department ensures the valuable integration of our Alumni and leads the Women in Finance initiative.


The Infrastructure Department is responsible for the club’s financial, legal and IT matters as well as the administration of its members. Comprising the club’s main internal processes, some of the areas of responsibility include budgeting, the assurance of compliance with legal requirements, and the development and administration of the IT infrastructure.

External Affairs

The External Affairs department is responsible for the club’s communication to students and industry partners. The aim is to enhance the club’s visibility through different marketing activities, while developing and fostering relationships to our sponsors through workshops and events.

Member Development

The Member Development Department assists the Club’s members in progressing with their studies, careers, Club responsibilities and personal lives. The department provides individual feedback, facilitates internal connecting and mediates exclusive career opportunities to develop the Club’s greatest asset — its members.


The Investing Department is the core of the club. Each semester all members slip in the role of an Analyst and present a company analysis, conducted in small teams, in form of a stock pitch in our weekly meetings. If deemed an interesting case for our real-money fund “MSMIF”, an investment committee proceeds to further evaluate all risks and the investment thesis before passing the final investment decision.

Jonas Seidou

Head of Infrastructure

Jonas is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at the Technical University of Munich. He has experience in strategy consulting, product management, M&A and even VR development. When he is not studying or working, he enjoys running, programming, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Michael Gilch

Head of Education

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and is currently in his Master of Finance and Computer Engineering. He has an extensive background in strategy consulting, private equity and equity research. He currently also serves as Co-CEO of the MSMIF GmbH. When not learning and teaching more about the world of finance, he’s out rock climbing, trail running or training for his next triathlon.

Nick Hebenstreit

Head of Investing

Nick is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Management & Technology with specialization in Informatics at the TUM. He worked in an M&A boutique as well as in Private Equity and has gained previous experience in the semiconductor industry. When out and about, you can find him in the mountains skiing & hiking or enjoying the opera.

Stella Foschi

Head of Community

Stella is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Ludwig Maximilian University. She has gained experience in a Multi Family Office, audit and corporate banking, as well as journalism. 
In her free time she likes to read, discuss politics and travel. 

Ece Beyter

Head of External Affairs

Ece is currently pursuing her bachelors degree in management and technology, with a minor in chemistry, at the TUM. She has experience in financial technologies, financial services as well as in M&A advisory. When she’s not working you would find her shooting social media content, at the gym or discovering new places. 

Yigit Kaan Ertürk

Head of Member Development

Yigit Kaan is a mathematics student at TUM with a diverse background in startups, consulting, and entrepreneurial activities as a founder. He is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full potential. In his free time, he enjoys playing various sports, building Lego creations, and exploring new music albums.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no background in finance or business administration, can I participate?

Club membership is open to any student, regardless of their course of study. Applicants will be judged by their motivation and interest in financial markets and investing. Our junior analyst training will ensure that every member has a sufficient financial knowledge to participate in our investing activities. However, the selection for our external events is usually based on our partner’s recruitment criteria.

Do I need to apply for events? How do I apply?

We mostly organize application-oriented events. Therefore, participation is limited to an adequate number of people. Application will be open until a few days prior to the event. Make sure to apply online if you wish to participate in any of our events. Please check the event description to learn about any limitations, application (documents) and deadlines.

How important is diversity to the TU Investment Club?

We highly appreciate that we attract members from all genders, from diverse nationalities and from a variety of professional backgrounds. We feel that a broad range of personalities is an important asset for both our social Club life and within the investment departments. We understand ourselves as a contributor in overcoming finance stereotypes and we are thus happy to welcome all kinds of finance enthusiasts.

What is your primary language of communication?

Our meetings and events are mostly held in German as most participants are native speakers. However, we will also communicate in English internally if necessary. For our public events, you will always be informed about the language in the event description. Sometimes our sponsors and event partners require us to communicate in English.

Why is there no German website?

English is the major language in finance as it is in a lot of areas of global importance. Most jobs in the industry require employees to be fluent in English and possibly go abroad for business purposes. Our website is completely in English just as the majority of the industry’s websites.

Club Achievements

August 2023

Optiver joins the Club’s silver sponsors.

February 2023

Eurazeo is an official bronze sponsor of TU Investment Club.

April 2023

J.P. Morgan becomes a silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.

January 2023

TU Investment Club announces Cinven as an official silver sponsor.

BNP Paribas joins the Club’s silver sponsors.

Rigeto is now an official silver sponsor.

November 2022

Bloomberg becomes an official silver sponsor.

August 2022

The Club announces Creatica as an official Community sponsor.

Waterland Private Equity joins the Club’s silver sponsors.

Trill Impact becomes an official silver sponsor of the Club.

Pelion Green Future is now an official silver sponsor.

Lazard is now an official silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.

February 2022

Falkensteg joins the Club’s gold sponsors .

November 2021

Deutsche Bank is now a gold sponsor of TU Investment Club.

October 2021

TU Investment Club announces Mutares as a bronze sponsor

Deloitte is an official gold sponsor of the Club.

September 2021

Egeria is an official bronze sponsor of the TU Investment Club.

April 2021

TU Investment Club announces Bain&Company as silver sponsors.

July 2020

The Club welcomes Bank of America as a bronze sponsor.

October 2019

Dartmouth Partners become partners of the TU Investment Club.

March 2020

The Club welcomes Deutsche Bank as a gold sponsor.

September 2019

General Atlantic is a new bronze sponsor of TU Investment Club.

May 2018

zeb becomes an official sponsor of the TU Investment Club.

Mutares becomes an official silver sponsor of the Club.

November 2017

Flow Traders is now an official sponsor of the TU Investment Club.

October 2017

PER is now an official sponsor of the TU Investment Club.

July 2017

Morgan Stanley becomes an official sponsor of TU Investment Club.

April 2017

Citi Bank becomes official silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.

December 2015

Auctus becomes an official silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.

September 2015

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is now an official gold sponsor of TU Investment Club.

June 2015

Armira Partners becomes an official sponsor of TU Investment Club.

April 2015

Rothschild is now an official silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.

August 2013

MSMIF UG is offically established. The non-profit organization will independently manage our portfolio.

February 2013

The Club establishes an official premium partnership with Barclays.

January 2012

Oliver Wyman becomes official sponsor of TU Investment Club.

November 2009

TU Investment Club is legally established as a German e.V.

Fall 2008

Jens Grudno looks for fellow interested students to establish an investment club in Munich. The team gains support of Prof. Kaserer, head of the Department of Financial Management and Capital Markets at TU Munich.

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