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Women in Finance (WiF) is an initiative within the TU Investment Club to encourage and educate female students in their pursuits of careers in the finance industry. On our journey to overcoming biases and stereotypes in the industry, we welcome female and male students from all universities in Munich.


We have built a strong network of successful women in finance, including current club members, alumni, and professionals from the industry. Within this network, members find a safe space for open-minded discourse. Female students are provided with the opportunity to learn from role models whilst the community generates visibility for the successes of female leaders. We ultimately strive to mutually support, inspire and motivate women to thrive in the finance industry.

Development and Growth

We offer internal and external workshops with partners where participants can develop their personal and financial skill sets. Our panel discussions give experienced women from different career fields and stages a platform to share insights and advice.

Past Events
  • WiF – CV &  Interview Workshop for female students
  • WiF – Finance World Introduction, where professionals give insights on their day-to-day business in different jobs in the financial services industry
  • WiF – Valuation Workshop for female students
  • WiF – Casual Networking Event
  • WiF – Panel Discussion on Breaking into the Finance and Consulting Industry and Women’s Success Stories in Finance Exploring Diverse Career Paths with Industry Professionals with female role models who shared personal insights from different consulting and private equity industry positions. Co-chaired by Felicitas Stra├čer, Franka Exner and Stella Foschi, a current TU Investment Club board member, the panels were held under the notion that you cannot be what you cannot see. We were, however, also pleased to welcome a substantial male audience since a change in culture and increased diversity can only be achieved in a unified effort.
Future Events
  • WiF – Morgan Stanley Women’s ISG Insight Evening 18.04.2024
  • WiF – Casual Networking for female students 19.04.2024
  • WiF – CV &  Interview Workshop for female students 25.04.2024
  • WiF – Getting started into investing for female students 17.06.2024
  • WiF – Panel Discussion for female and male students 20.06.2024

…. two Partner Events in April and May 2024 for female students

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Felicitas Strasser (Lead WiF)

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