Our Partners and how to support us

Our Partners

How to support us

You think this project is interesting and want to support our development?
We offer customized partnerships, see some sample possibilities below.

Long term partnership

Being an officially approved charitable organization we are eligible to receive donations. Our donors maintain a long-term relationship with us and are regularly informed about the development of the project.
Contact us: contact@tuinvest.de

Educational partnership

You think you can help us gain a better understanding of financial markets? You follow a unique approach or are able to help us educate our members? We are constantly looking for possibilities to improve our trainings and qualifications.
Contact us: contact@tuinvest.de

Matching interests partnership

You think our organization and yours might have matching interests? Or we can offer something you need, such as well-educated students, brand-positioning or other? We are open to discuss your ideas.
Contact us: contact@tuinvest.de

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